Monday, September 14, 2009

WWJBL? What Would Jesus Be Like?

    A vintage "Jesus - movie" re-dubbed  (2.21 minutes)

IF this is how you perceive Jesus, WHY is that?

Who told you that Jesus was just an example for you to live up to? 
"You're not wearing your WWJD braclet today."

Who convinced you to believe that Jesus came only to bring us
another List of "DO THIS & DON'T DO THAT"?
"He's making a list, checking it twice...gonna find out who's naughty and nice..." 

Just what we needed; MORE Rules to follow!  
(If we're honest, we already know we've "messed -up" the First Ten, right?)

"Well, Who could it be?  

         Could it be . . . "

   The Church Lady?

"Well, isn't that special!"

"We like ourselves, don't we?" 

  "How Conveeeenient."


Church Lady, I've got no more time for your "BAD RELIGION"!
Read an Eyewitness' account of What Jesus Is Really Like!


The GOOD NEWS- Gospel is so Very Good and so Very Simple that it would take RELIGION to MESS-Up this Message. 

God's Declaration of PEACE or Covenant of Peace was completed in JESUS as promised in  Isaiah 53. 

The Angels also declared God's PEACE and Good Will towards ALL people to shepherds near Bethlehem when Jesus was born!

This NEW Covenant or Agreement was foretold by other prophets:   Jeremiah 31.31-34   and this same Agreement of Peace with God  is promised again to be ours through what Jesus has now completed.   Hebrew 8.6-13

Because of what Jesus has already finished for us, God is no longer counting our sins against us!  He will never bring them up nor  remember them!  "Love Covers a multitude of sins."

What could you add to this Amazing GRACE?  
Someone once scolded me that THIS MESSAGE IS JUST "CHEAP GRACE!"    I believe I heard Holy Spirit say, 
 "The only thing that cheapens My Grace is when YOU try to add anything to it."   

Would you really attempt to add your self-righteous "filthy rags";
i.e., literally; "monthly" disgusting, polluted garments, to the perfection of  what has already been done for you by Jesus?   
Read: Isaiah 64.6   

"Theelectricrev...Jimmie Bratcher plays "Bad Religion"


Don't allow BAD RELIGION to mess up The GOOD NEWS GOSPEL!
Because, NOT EVERY Gospel being preached today is GOOD NEWS.
What Paul warned the Church in Galatia:
Paul's WARNING is for all of us. 



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